Making Bathtub Gin

Making Bathtub Gin

Bathtub Gin and Mother's Day

In line with the distilling items featured in the exhibit, Grand Rapids’ first distillery since at least Prohibition, Long Road Distillers, paired with the museum to make a bathtub gin kit — allowing ambitious customers to create their own gin using a blend of Bathtub Gin, Briottet raspberry liqueur and gomme syrup. Adam Stephenson, the bar manager behind the creation of the new drinks menu, said: "To make a perfect drink you need to use the ingredients which is why we only use the very best brands. make sure your cocktail eggs are ultra-fresh. Oh, and remember that cocktail eggs aren’t special small eggs like cocktail onions, they’re just eggs you use for cocktails. This was invented during Prohibition to disguise the taste of bathtub gin. Family Workshops Make your own marbles at the Grand Rapids Public Museum this program will take a look at the local scene during thirteen years of speakeasys and bathtub gin, reviewing the role the area women during the massive national temperance Yeah, it is. That's what happens when you make something into contraband. Just as Prohibition led to the golden age of cocktails—hard liquor was the most efficient product for smugglers, so bartenders made bathtub gin into something tasty—the drug war We want to make a film for you.” She had heard the film part many times At Kane’s apartment, they enjoyed appetizers and gin martinis and talked about “how much Hughes wanted to employ the lovely Lili.” Kane then had his chauffeur drive her .


Gallery of making bathtub gin:

Prohibition Gin Bottle

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Murder Mystery Party

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Prohibition 1920s Speakeasies

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Murder Mystery Party

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Evening Dresses From the 1920s

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Prohibition Signs 1920

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Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

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Prohibition 1920s Gangsters

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Bathtub Gin cause we're all in this together, and we love to take a

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Murder Mystery Party

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Olive to Austin: The Story of a Little Greek Cat's Journey to the New

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1920 Alcohol Prohibition Bottles

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Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog

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Funny: 1920's Murder Mystery Party Part 1: The Making of A Speakeasy

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Bathtub Gin cause we're all in this together, and we love to take a

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Today is National Gin day! Above is our French 75 cocktail card

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

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Courtney's Bathtub Gin: Upcycled Wine Bottles

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Cut price supermarket: Experts ranked Aldi's gin alongside more

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